A combination of modern architecture and clients security.

Fast and reliable delivery of quality products is the main feature of our company.

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Because of their style an character, our products are easily recognizable and customers appreciate it. This is shown by countless references from near and farther areas. In addition the presence of our company in different segments. On our way we are following the principle of quality, exactness an lasting solutions.


Modern machines

In order to deliver the highest quality products to our customers company MP Pandurevic using the latest CNC machines in production.

Featured projects

Our products speak for themselves. Fast and reliable production and installation as well as the quality of our products found their way to our customers. This is shown by countless references from near and farther areas. We present you some of the projects we are pride of.

Fire staircases and handrails .

EU building, Brisel

Stainless steel cabinets and construction for car wash systems.

ABC Technik, Zurich

Advertising panels and billboards.


Stairs and balconies.

Student hostel, Ausburg

Parts laser-cut and parts for the industry.

Rimatec, Industrial equipment AG

Construction of machines for digging tunnels, parts of machines.

Schmutz+Hartmann AG, Ormalingen